in ctf exploit

Input for Pwn challenges

Use command output as an argument

./myprogram `your_command_here // put a ` after the e

```./myprogram python -c 'print "A"*100'`` // put a after that last quote

./myprogram $(your_command_here)

./myprogram $(python -c 'print "A"*100')

Use command as input

your_command_here | ./myprogram

(python -c "print('AAAApayload')"; cat -) | nc 5555 //keep shell open after payload

your_command_here > input.txt //write to file first

./myprogram < input.txt //use file as input

GDB Input

Use Command as argument

r $(your_command_here)

Use command as input

r < <(your_command_here)

Use file as input

r < filename