1. Malware Basic Analysis Malware tutorial
  2. Below are my notes based on the book Practical Malware Analysis and class Malware Analysis - CSCI 4976 (RPISEC) covering basic analysis of malware. This is not an in-depth tutorial on how to do basic analysis, but rather a quick reference. For a more in-depth guide I would highly recommend »

  3. Python Port Scanner ctf samsclass
  4. The following content and challenges are from samsclass CNIT 124:Advanced Ethical Hacking. I will be covering project 1 and 1x which are the extra credit challenges. When it comes to port scanning the first thing that comes to mind is NMAP. In high school this was the first tool »

  5. Buffer Overflow Basic ctf tutorial exploit
  6. In many ctfs they will include some type of buffer overflow challenge. This post will show the most basic question one should expect to see. The Problem   int main(){ long val=0x41414141; char buf[20]; printf("Correct val's value from 0x41414141 -> 0xdeadbeef!\n"); printf("Here »

  7. Cracking Passwords with Custom Wordlist ctf tutorial
  8. When it comes to cracking passwords there are only a handful of different attacks that can be leveraged. But when the criteria for these attacks are met they are highly effective. What I will cover in this post is a dictionary attack. But before we begin the attack, it is »

  9. The Beginning
  10. This will be the start of my progress tracker/blog. I have been very hesitant to start this, because I was not sure what to post and I felt like I did not know enough to be writing about certain topics. But recently I watched this episode of "Dailyvee& »