The Beginning

This will be the start of my progress tracker/blog. I have been very hesitant to start this, because I was not sure what to post and I felt like I did not know enough to be writing about certain topics. But recently I watched this episode of "Dailyvee" where Gary Vaynerchuck said this:

So that is what I'm going to be doing, documenting my journey. Another big motivator for me, is that this is an opportunity to show the people around me how much work I do outside of the traditional classroom. I am not the best student and I am not afraid to admit that, it is very hard for me to find interest in classes that have little to no value (especially if most classes only require memorization and regurgitating). I believe that there is a big disconnection between school and the real world. But I love learning, whether that is from books,videos, tutorials, challenges, or other people. This blog will mostly be my journey in cyber security but I also plan on blogging about other side things I am learning like investing or self-help material.