1. UMDCTF 2018 - JarJar
  2. This past weekend the Cyber Dawgs competed in UMDCTF and took first place :). This a writeup of one of the challenges from the CTF. This year the reverse engineering challenges were a lot more challenging. This writeup is about the challenge "JarJar libs" (only had two solves at »

  3. CSAW 2017 Finals -Write Up [rusty_road] ctf reverseengineering
  4. This year was UMBC's first year qualifying for CSAW finals and it was a blast. Thanks to the organizers it was a great event! Shout-out to my teammates: Chris,Seamus, and Zack. Rusty Road [Reverse Engineering] Challenge Description: Traverse these roads, win and obtain the flag Material: x86_64 Rust »

  5. Huntress Labs: Reversing Redosdru Malware reverseengineering
  6. For the past couple months I had the opportunity to work along the sides of Kyle and the rest of the Huntress guys. It has been a great honor working along side them. A lot of the work I did was reversing malware samples found on their customers machines and »

  7. Ret2libc ctf tutorial exploit
  8. In this lab we must use a common technique used in exploit challenges called Ret2Libc. This technique involves redirecting code execution to execute functions that are found in the libc library. As you can see in the code snippet below there is no "win" function. The objective of »

  9. Binary Exploit: Pass argument to function ctf tutorial exploit
  10. In this binary we must use a buffer overflow to jump to a function in the binary and pass a string also in the binary to the function #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> /* * compiled with: * gcc -O0 -fno-stack-protector code.c »